Welcome back!  It's been a busy summer on campus preparing for our school year!  We are excited to see old faces and meet new ones and share our new motto:  #ALL IN!

Our goals, as always, are to keep our students, staff and teachers safe and ensure all students have an excellent education that will allow them to become productive members of society. 

Now that COVID is a bit behind us, we are excited to welcome back our parents as active members of our Campus.  We will be looking for folks to join our committees, especial the School Improvement Team and the Family Engagement Committee.  We are most successful when we have a partnership between home and school!  We appreciate your feedback and your children love seeing you in and around the Campus!

Feel free to contact either me or Mrs. McKenzie, our new Assistant Principal with concerns, suggestions or just to chat!  We love hearing from you!

Check us out on Twitter:             @CitizensPothier
                          and  Facebook:        Pothier-Citizens' Elementary Campus

Mrs. Cathy Carvalho, Principal   [email protected]
Mrs. Jamie McKenzie, Assistant Principal  [email protected]

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